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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

wise thought

hope is what we hold onto...
dreams we hope to be
things of wishes and sweet memories
bt hope is broken
dreams do fade
the past cums running back
remember the good things that happen
for they never last
tears , fears and night mares
will have u all ur life
try as u must
you cannot run
you cannot hide......


  1. wow! very well written and true

  2. 'try as u must
    you cannot run
    you cannot hide' - very true...we have to face our life challenges and no crying or cribbing can help us escape! Coming into the world makes us liable to face the tortures here....So, it's best to be brave and face them with a smiling face. 'remember the good things that happen' as they will give u strengths to face the bad things till the next good one happens.
    Happy writing