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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Courage always does'nt roar.
sumtyms courage is d quiet voice
at da nd of d day saying,
I Will Try Again 2morrow.

$$$$ Indian Summer $$$$$

Hmmmmmm.............summer is my fav.season,i like the bright sun,hot winds & especially wen it rains in summer.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Celebration of Being ALIVE.......

Inspite of all these difficulties what makes me still going ?///
i believe in god,he closed 1 door 4 me but opened 10 more doors 4 me,so i need 2 find them out & there is an undoubted hope within me that he is wit me leading me 2wards da correct y should i b sad its my celebration of being alive.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Journey Wit "F-A"

MORE than suffering or questioning god for this misery ,its more comfortable 2 accept it & find ways 2 overcum the problems 2 lead a better life.
Its nt dat easy it was like a horrible night mare I ever had, which would leave me paralyized very soon & I had no choice ,I was a healthy baby & njoyed my skool life & with gr8 ambitions I went 2 my college ,but every thing shattered one day, that was the day when I was diagnosed wit Fredrick’s ataxia. day by day i discoverd i was growing weak with more complication,very soon i learnt i could not walk properly & things were bcoming more worse wit tym.i had no idea where would i land in few years, "why me" was only thing runnig in my mind but there was no answer. dipressed at tymes not knowing y life is playing so badly with me, It took lot of tym & courage 2 move on .It was possible coz of support & encouragement 4rm my parents ,family& frends that iam alive 2day.It took 6 long yrs 4 me 2 b normal .I was fed up seeing sum 20 doctors 4 a possible cure but all in vein..

The word healthy holds a very complicated defination. but i feel im healthy with a strog will power,positivity & hope.i may be foolish but i feel this suffering will end soon & A MIRACLE WILL HAPPEN................