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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

its Disgusting///////

It hurts wen every1 around me stair at me in public,(especially wen im walking it b'comes difficult 4 me 2 manage myself) anxiety levels OF people around r so high wen dey see me in public dat they can't control.& dey start scanning me frm head 2 toe , its irritating & i find no other way 2 avoid dem ......
if people hav so much of concern 4 me then they can make a general awareness programme & organize a support group or collect funds or fight 4 special privilege's 4 neurologically disordered people.........come & put ur feet in my shoe u wud know d torture im xperiencing.. rather than giving free suggestions.
im not a criminal nor terrorist or not a super star, then y im so privileged 2 grab d attention of a normal person & i did nt do ny crime,its nt my fault dat im disabled,its not even my choice bt its a gift 4rm god & im living wit it.
its my sincere plea don't embarrass ny disabled person wit ur disgusting looks.......

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  1. Hey dear..... Firstly, nt evry1 luks with a mind to emberass u.... Next, take d luks as a rule of the people in this world for they will neither let u live and nor die, if u don't. Just don't let dem affect u..... I know it's easier said than done but u have to do it for it's only u who is getting adversely affected by feeling embarrassed with our looks.... U have to learn the art as there's a long beautiful life waiting for u ahead and such things must not stop u..... That was jst a suggestion(again another free torture), for I too hv experienced a smal part of similar feelings of embarrassment.
    Happy living,