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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

story f a beautiful flower

Have u ever seen a beautiful flower???

Here is d story f a beautiful flower vt bright colored lovely petals, sweet fragrance $ very attractive 2 luk at .it had strong leaves & stem.
Bt 1 fyn day it ws wilting ,d flower luked dull, it progressed day by day. not coz f drought or famine or n coz f d summer sun it ws dull.
D flower ws no longer attractive 4 d bees as d nectar ws no more sweet, its colorful petals were fading vt can never give fruits coz its week n is unable to bear d strong winds which were once its best buddies spreading its fragrance all around.
Even d plant is sad on seeing d flower ,nt knowing d cause 4 its illness .y shld plant b sorry 4 d flower, she has seen many flowers in her lyf. might b coz it ws nt usual case , dis flower just started 2 blossom ,it had nt seen d colors f lyf ,it ws nt d tym 4 d flower 2 wilt.
It ws all coz f d dark spot hidden in d stalk f d flower no 1 knew how 2 remove it. it spread like hell & wuld kill d flower soon……….just like me.........

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