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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

will it work

wat else.....though i keep calm,i think only positive,i dream about a better 2morrow,im happy even wit my smallest achievements , i feel that im 5yn when compared 2 others who r in very bad state.but still their is a deep sorrow inside me which doesn't allow me 2 laugh out loud.its becoming unbearable at tyms.
all these thoughts disturb me coz im sitting idle,yes "IDLE MIND IS DEVIL'S WORKSHOP".i need 2 b busy wit sum work,so 2 use my tym in a more productive way i was searching on d net & i found dis site. stem cells for attaxia .....

my mind is preoccupied wid d topic-stem cells since last week,if ny1 knows much abt it plz contact me on mail .im desperately searching for a cure so it may help not sure abt stem cell therapy ,can it b use full in my case &if its affordable, their is no much information in India &i can't take risk ,i have seen sum video's on d net & wrote 2 dem abt my condition,lets c if it works........

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