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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hurray!!!!!!! dc is in d semi's.........

yahoo!!!!!!!!!! im xcited,thrilled & most happy coz DC (Deccan chargers-hyd)made it 2 d semi finals of IPL-3.i was eagerly w8in 4 dis moment wit my fingers crossed & by d end of d day we won d match,
i was really worried if v can,wit d low run-rate & started praying god that v shld was a do or die situation 4 both d teams(dc&dd).i had a bet wid my sister on d match.she always makes fun of me saying that if i see d match our team is not going 2 win,so it was more a prestigious issue 4 me,and it was fun 2 see dc its tym 4 sum celebration!!!!!

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