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Monday, September 6, 2010

bum bum bhole .............

this tym my mind is preoccupied wit only 1 thing i.e farm ville on face book.whenever i switch on my PC my hands automatically search 4 d farm ville,my crops,harvest,my dairy farm & chicken coop oh god its all wat runs in my mind all d day,its high tym now even my parents & frnds scold me 4 my madness 4 d game im just addicted wat to do??
finally i got rid of it as i had problem loading d game it took lots of tym & i cud not w8 4 anymore >>>>>>> an idea struck in my genius mind y not do d real seeding & harvesting its just lovely to see a seed growing into a plants bearing leaves & flowers............ so i started growing sum potted plants at home i was busy watering my corn sprouts
it was 5 pm & door bell rang for three tyms,i had a scorn on my face as i knew who it was & my guess was true it was Dheeraj with his battalion of kids ready to make hell a lot of noise & hungama more than dance at d door.
Dheeraj: china akka!!!!!!
me: deniki??
Dheeraj:dance practice ivvala 5 to 6pm me intlo,akka told!!!!
me:oh gud,entamandi dance chestunaru???
Dheeraj:only we r doing other 2 guys have their semesters so they will not come!!!
me:ok come in >>>>

there were around 10 cute looking kids wit their innocent smiles ,very curious about their performance before d huge gathering on "Vinayaka chavithi" especially d two nitya's one with short hair & d other wit thick long hair & big black eyes r too gud, my sister is choreographing some songs for the festival,we had only 4 days left & 2 teach dem with their changing mood swings is a tough job but it was more fun & entertaining hour for see them dance was a gr8 pleasure,kids r concerned about their dresses & make up more than their steps,d way they move on to d next step on glance's,their energy & co-ordination is just amazing my expectations r high w8in 4 d day with my fingers crossed.......