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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ooty …….its one of d places associated wit my teenage dreams & fantasies ,when I saw d mo-vi geetanjali I fell in luv with d place with its awesum landscapes,air filled wit fog,clouds touching d sky & its greenery…I can say that its like god’s second own country as I got a chance to xplore this place a couple of months back.
We travelled from hyd to Coimbatore via train & from there we hired a indiga [d taxi drivers over there call it that way] to ooty,it was a 3 hrs journey o a ghat road wit the hair pin turns & I was much xcited to c d beautiful scenery & wanted to freeze dat moment there,even more lovely was d song I heard at d tym from roja-yeh haseen vadiyaa………., water falls on d way,& d thick cover of trees,fresh & cool air which was getting more colder as we reached d peak, it was like a gr8 relief after d harsh summer In hyd,
On d next day v had a joy ride on d toy train from Connor to ooty it was raining with d sun shinning bright on d oder side,d famous train song chaiya chaiya –dilse wad shot on d same train.
The third day was for site seeing I was sad coz I could not walk or climb d highest peak or d suicide point & I had to restrict myself to my car with a cup of the famous tea fresh from d factory ,it tasted gr8…
The Nilgiries with full of tea plantations all around & sum 1 could get lost in that,it was such huge,d smell of eucalyptus & other aroma oils,huge coniferous trees make ootakamundal a place worth visiting…….


  1. Oh that’s a dreamy destination and I loved your description of one of the best landscapes of our country. In fact you were very lucky to see and enjoy it from so near. I’ve always dreamt of going there but till now could not. Geetanjali is one of my favorite movies. Thanks for reminding me everything about it once again. Now it seems I have to go and search for that cd ASAP :).
    Really enjoyed reading about your trip.
    Would want to see more of your beautiful pencil sketches.
    Eagerly waiting for your wonderful blog posts. Keep posting :)

  2. it does sound like a wonderful place...all the smells and sights that you describe make it very magical. hope you have a marvelous day!

  3. have just come across your blog and found your today's post really beautiful - especially since it's my birthday and i would love to travel abroad to such beautiful and exotic locations - thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos and wonderful words! namaste'

  4. Hi Megha :)
    Such beautiful photographs!!!
    Thank you for sharing your experience.Your narration is so sweet and simple...I enjoyed reading it.
    Hope you have a fabulous day!
    Warm regards,

  5. thnx 4 ur feedback & i it feels gr8 to hear from u..............

  6. Beautiful place and the snaps are great too

  7. Oooh. It sounds just dreamy. I once knew someone who moved to Ooty. Your photos and your words are lovely.
    Peace to you!